INTRODUCINGSingular vineyards

Harvest after harvest we have increased our experience to achieve the best possible fit for the transformation of the grapes that are born in a unique environment, such as the Laujar Valley, in the Alpujarra Almeriense

HEIGHTHigh elevation

Bodega Fuente Victoria produce 30 hectares of land, situated within the geographical indication Láujar-Alpujarra, situated at more than 1000 meters, between the Sierra de Gádor and the Sierra del Almirez. The small micro-parcels with rendiments of less than 4500 kg, are available in different heights, which are favored by the recognizable in each field.

CLIMATEWater and sun

Our weather conditions iare ideal for mainly clay soils. Its benefits, among others, are snowfalls and strong air currents in Winter and adequate insolation of the fruits with mild night temperatures, in Summer. Together with moderate rainfall throughout the year, we achieve balanced ripening of the fruit in harvest.

TRADITIONOrganic agriculture

We carry out a traditional agriculture that is based on minimal preventive treatments, without the need to use phytosanitary products. Given the concentration of the micro-plots, tasks such as pruning, tilling and harvesting are carried out efficiently and in good time. Among the varieties we find some fully adapted such as Tampranillo, Syrah and Macabeo and others native to the Alpujarra, such as Jaén Blanca and Jaén Tinta.

PROCCESSWine making

We believe in a production where the elaboration respects the naturalness of the wines and at the same time the incorporation of the latest oenological advances to meet the demands of restaurants and consumers.To achieve all this, we carry out from the beginning:

  • A traditional agriculture, without the use of phytosanitary products
  • A careful selection of the grape in its harvesting phase and its hand-cut.
  • Harvesting the grapes of the whole harvest in boxes of 15 kg.
  • Demanding hygiene measures in all processes
  • Natural Filtration and stabilization


The monitoring of the cultivation, our level of demand and the rigorous quality control have been recognized with several quality certificates and numerous awards.


Throughout our experience we have been recognized with different awards in national and international competitions. Awards that encourage us to continue on this path.